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The copper pillar and its surrounding photo resist layer system was acquired by the usage of the Solarius Polaris confocal microscope technology. The whole data set was acquired within one single data acquistion within a field of view of 87 µm x 87 µm and a sub micron lateral resoultion. The diameter of the copper pillars within the filed of view is about 8 µm. Typically, confocal systems are known to not have the capability to resolve layer thicknesses below 1µm, reliably. However, due to constant innovation and development in hardware, software and image processing intelligence, Solarius confocal systems are capable to resolve transparent layers down to 100 nanometers, reliably, in certain cases even below. 

The Polaris confocal technology is available throughout the complete Solarius product range. It can be obtained as a cost efficient and space saving desk top solution for R&D purposes as well as on the robust and versatile AOP platforms which are suitable to extensive customization. The AOP platforms allow full automatisation of the metrology process and come alnog with SolarScanSC user interface, dsigned accordingly to SEMI and GAMP guidelines. For full fab integration in semiconductor indutsry the Polaris confocal technology is available as well on the SIMP allowing remote control of the metrology via the SECS/GEM standard, including OHT and AGV loading.

Inspection Tools Related to Layer Systems