Extending the scope of 3D Measurement Technology

More than ever, microelectronics, life science and bi­onics occupy a decisive position in research, develop­ment and industry and, with their progressive develop­ment, are constantly redefining the requirements for industrial metrology systems, while the limits of what is feasible are constantly shifting.

Research and development, with a high frequency require fundamentally new techniques and processes, their industrial application a high degree of reliability and standardization. As an innovating technical service provider, Solarius strives to always guarantee the provision of quality monitoring at the highest technological level. Solarius relies on in-depth knowledge and long term experience in industrial automation as well as profound physical-technical know-how. In combination with the Solarius SolarCore software appliance, Solarius provides a powerful platform for the fast and effective provision of auto­mated measuring machines and the real time processing of largest amounts of data. Solarius drives technical improvement and the development of innovative sys­tems and intelligent algorithms for monitoring and controlling manufacturing processes. Solarius ba­ses its success on trusting cooperation with customers and suppliers as well as the uncompromising use of adequate, cost-efficient and realiable high-end technology.

Innovation with a global reach - 20 years worldwide

Solarius is a leading provider of precision systems for non-contact surface inspection, measurement, analysis, and visualization. Our products combine high-resolution sensors with automated data acquisition systems and powerful analysis tools.  Offerings range from desktop systems for off-line inspection, to semi-automated systems for fast, precise measurements, to customized multi-station platforms for high-volume in-line inspection. Our design philosophy focuses on standard products as well as customized solutions to best meet specialized requirements. This process starts with understanding metrology challenges and budget constraints, followed by in depth analysis by our application and development engineers. Customizing data acquisition software, analysis tools, and user interfaces is a part of our approach to solve unique metrology application tasks.

The company’s headquarters, which includes one of our product development centers, is in San Jose, California. Our global reach includes Solarius entities in China (Shanghai), Europe (Munich and Essen) and India (Pune) responsible for sales, application engineering, customer support, and product development. Augmented by our international partner network Solarius takes care for an installed base exceeding 2,000 active metrology systems worldwide.

Solarius Company History

Solarius Developent Inc. was established in the year 2000 in San Jose in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley. Providing specialized optical metrology equipment to support essential quality requirements of surrounding technology corporations, Solarius scaled success together with the breathtaking development of the silicon valley technologies and companies throughout the years from the early 2000s until today.

As the majority of consumer electronics and semiconductor components - than as now - is produced in the Asian regions, support and service requirements of mass production optical metrology systems lead to founding Solarius Asia Ltd. Hong Kong in 2013 and Solarius Trading Shanghai Ltd. in 2015. Following the emerging markets and the customer manufacturing sites, in 2016 Solarius India Ltd. was established. In 2017 Solarius GmbH Europe was founded in Munich, Germany, immediately followed by the Solarius Tech Center in Essen to contribute Solarius metrology expertise to the strong and technology driven markets in Europe.

Quality is a question of attitude. And reliability.

With the continuous miniaturization of electronics and the increasing integration of people and technology, the requirements for quality and expectations in respect of availability and security of technical systems become more and more challenging. The increasing replacement of human work by machines in everyday areas of life is making technological possibilities increasingly present to the general public's awareness. Autonomous driving, self-flying drones for delivering online orders, and robots mowing the lawn or dusting make it easy to recognize how technology, due to its developing performance, is penetrating areas of activity that were previously reserved for human intelligence.

While this development influences the subjective awareness of safety on the one hand, concrete requirements for the reliability of these machines are derived from it on the other. An autonomous vehicle must not endanger the occupants or other people. A drone needs to know that it will malfunction before it crashes over an inhabited area. A household robot that handles potentially dangerous objects must be protected from unwanted external control. All these requirements go hand in hand with the security of technology, whereby this security is ultimately defined by the quality of a system and its design.

For providers of intelligent process monitoring technology in the production of microelectronics, this lively illustrates the necessary demands on the quality of the own work and thus on the systems and services from Solarius installed in the value chain. This claim goes hand in hand with the self-image of our employees and suppliers consistently and at all times with great personal commitment to contribute to meeting these high requirements.

For these reasons, the foundation stone for a comprehensive quality management system was laid. Based on the central leitmotifs as they result from the maintenance of customer relationships and the management of projects, a process landscape was configured that allows seamless traceability over the entire history of a project. Based on the definition that every system sold and every service provided is essentially a project or can be assigned to an existing project, a combination of database-supported merchandise management, production and accounting systems with conventions and binding procedures was integrated in such a way that information are transparent and understandable about processes within Solarius at any time. The highest requirements, such as those customary in the context of “Copy Exactly” or FDA certified processes, can thus be met while at the same time confidentiality and privacy are effectively protected at all times.

Markets, Activities and Perspectives

The target markets of Solarius include in particular medicine, power supply, consumer electronics and the semiconductor industry. Specifically, the main focus of So­larius activities is on the challenges that regenerative energy supplies and the unstoppably advancing integra­tion of increasingly intelligent systems require.

While innovations in medical technology are the basis for health and life, the semiconductor industry and energy supply are the starting point for every technological advance. Fuel cells enable emission-free mobility while hydrogen can effectively solve the storage problem of renewable energy. Micromechanical components and nanomaterials allow the fastest possible diagnoses and therapies and semiconductors are the basis for communication and control of almost every technological achievement of the present. While mobility is focused on range and availability and thus the requirements for energy efficiency and storage capacity will be addressed in the coming years with large investments, the semiconductor industry is still required to enable higher integration densities and computing power and with significant investments in new technologies to advance miniaturization to quantum systems.

In the medium to long term, Solarius' target markets are stable growth markets. Technological progress cannot and must not destroy the foundations of life any further, the integration and networking of communication and autonomous technology cannot be effectively and permanently halted even in case of uncontrollable events, and ultimately medical performance will continue to remain an unrestricted necessity, as current experience once again has demonstrated impressively


International Operations Team


Peter Joshua

Managing Director
Solarius USA


Amy Zullo

Manager Logistics & Administration USA


Hitendra Mistry

Application Specialist
Solarius USA


Edgar Alvarez

Customer Support
Solarius USA


Zen Chua

Managing Director
Solarius Asia


Lily Yan

Manager Logistics & Administration Asia


Alvin Li

Application Specialist
Solarius Asia


Bennett Wong

Business Development
Solarius Asia


Martin Kunz

Managing Director
Solarius Europe


Lukas Stoppa

Business Development
Solarius Europe


Kevin Schoofs

Application Engineering
Solarius Europe


Benjamin Stieger

Strategy Advisor SW
Solarius Europe

Working @ Solarius

Constant technological innovation and highest quality standards form the basis for trusting relationships with our customers from BigTech, medical, electronics, automotive and semiconductor manufacturing all over the world. Our team is the basis for every single success.

Knowing that all efforts for top performance and success rely on the great commitment of every single person in our teams, we maintain a culture of individual sovereignty and active interdisciplinary cooperation. We strengthen and lead whenever necessary or desired and offer individual advice, training and further education. We constantly encourage to draw own conclusions and to make confident decisions based on individual knowledge and experience in the individual area of ​​competence. In doing so, we embed successes and setbacks in a contemporary standard of leadership methods and management culture. Our international teams in Europe, Asia and the US as well as our diverse customer structure enable the development of intercultural communication and management skills and open up the opportunity to make contact with a multitude of nationalities and different ways of thinking and perception. Experienced colleagues give support in communication and organization whenever necessary.

A state-of-the-art IT infrastructure contributes to simple and efficient communication, even in globally distributed teams, enables stable services for working at customers' sites as well as in the home office and is the essential foundation for internationally integrated and coordinated hardware and software development. Attractive pay, the clear allocation of tasks and responsibilities in combination with transparent personnel development form a fair and solid basis for daily cooperation.