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Flexible 3D metrology focusing on customer requirements

Based on this principle, the modular Solarius AOP 3D inspection systems offer extensive possibilities for individualizing metrological solutions in quality assurance. Solarius AOP systems allow full customization of 3D measurement technology, as well as inspection and data analysis to customer-specific applications and production process conditions.

The AOP product line utilizes the full range of available 2D and 3D optical sensor technologies based on state-of-the-art intelligent system software. Optionally, we use point and line triangulation, confocal point, line and area sensors, different types of interferometers and the latest hybrid 3D technologies.


3D Roughness

Slowly replacing the evaluation of 2D profiles, optical 3D surface measurements enable the more informative roughness values of the ISO 25178, determining 3D surface characteristics. The Solarius Polaris 3D inspection provides ideal combination of resolution and speed to meet roughness acquisition requirements.


Void Volume Calculation

In order to permanently wet technical surfaces with the right amount of oil or to ensure the adhesion of the correct amount of paint in gravure printing, the incorporation of certain recesses and geometries in surfaces is crucial. Solarius Polaris 3D measurements allow an exact calculation of such void volumes.


Texture Direction

Surface textures, in some cases, deliberately have preferred directions in their structuring or it is attempted to avoid them. In both cases, the presence or geometry and character of such textures can be reliably determined by using 3D measurements, made with different Solarius 3D inspection systems.


Particle Inspection

3D particle inspection is most important when stacking functional devices, avoiding piercing of critical layers. Particles are separated from underneath surfaces and become measured in diameter, height and distribution. Contributing high 3D resolution Solarius Polaris inspection tools quickly detect even smallest particles.


Bump Inspection

While wire bonding stays a method of choice for heavy duty connections in semicondutors, ball grid arrays (BGAs) are indispensable for 1st and 2nd level interconnects since many years. The arrays are tested for planarity, diameter uniformity, misplacement and missing items by the specialzed SEMI BGA inspection tool.

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