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The Viking-C and Viking-T are portable, compact, and robust tabletop solutions for fast QC and off-line 3D measurements.  

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SolarScan AOP

The SolarScan non-contact surface profilometer is a highly accurate and fast 3D laser measurement tool. 

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SolarScan AOP


The SolarSurf optical 3D confocal microscope is combined with a CCD camera to provide user-friendly 3D measurement solutions.

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The SolarView measurement system is a combination of vision and laser technology to perform 3D and 2D surface measurements.

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Automated Solutions

Our affordable automated solutions are customer specific and developed based on application and process requirements.

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Products » SolarMap Universal

Ssoftware for microtopographic surface analysis

SolarMap Universal is the complete software solution for the microtopography analysis of surfaces in 2D and 3D. It can be supplemented with the Grain Module, depending on the application.

It includes five visualisation features:

Pseudo color image
Pseudo photo image
Contour diagram
3D lined representation
3D continuous representation

SolarMap Universal also offers the following analysis features:

  • Depth distribution, Abbott-Firestone curve in 3D
  • 3D parameters from the BCR report
  • Fractal analysis
  • Peak distribution
  • Angle measurement, distance measurement
  • Material and void volume between two slices
  • Hole analysis: volume, surface, perimeter, mean and max depth
  • Fourier analysis, Power spectrum analysis, Autocorrelation
  • Geometrical transformation: zoom, inversion, symmetries
  • Levelling, form removal (polynomial, sphere, cylinder)
  • 3D Gaussian filtering, Median filtering, convolutional filtering
  • 3D step height, angle between two planes

Profile Extraction
Profile Extraction


 Grain Module

The Grain Module is an add-on to SolarMap. It provides dedicated functions for the study of grains, particles, holes, etc. on any kind of background.

The Grain Module can be used for the following purposes:

  • Study the size and form of particles on a flat bulk
  • Sort out oblong objects by their direction
  • Density of holes and pores on a surface
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News and Events

Solarius Development announces introduction of linear motor stages standard on the SolarScan
- June, 2014
Solarius Development announces introduction of a new optical profiler
- October, 2013 SolarSurf Confocal Measuring Microscope
- April, 2014 New SolarMap 7.1 update

Solarius Development