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The Viking-C and Viking-T are portable, compact, and robust tabletop solutions for fast QC and off-line 3D measurements.  

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SolarScan AOP

The SolarScan non-contact surface profilometer is a highly accurate and fast 3D laser measurement tool. 

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SolarScan AOP


The SolarSurf optical 3D confocal microscope is combined with a CCD camera to provide user-friendly 3D measurement solutions.

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The SolarView measurement system is a combination of vision and laser technology to perform 3D and 2D surface measurements.

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Automated Solutions

Our affordable automated solutions are customer specific and developed based on application and process requirements.

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Products » SolarMap Profile

SolarMap Profile 2D analysis software

SolarMap Profile is a powerful tool for analyzing profiles measured by any kind of 2D instrument. It comprises the cutting edge technology in analysis and visualisation, including standardized methods and parameters.

SolarMap Profile features:

  • Display of roughness and waviness profiles (gaussian, RC2-ISO, RC2-PC)
  • Depth distribution and Abbott-Firestone curve
  • Spectrum analysis and Power Spectrum Density
  • Fractal analysis
  • Geometrical measurements (distance, radius, area, volume,...) and step height measurement
  • Measurement of a hole
  • Mathematical separation of the form, waviness and roughness properties of the features; Least square line levelling
  • Roughness parameters: Ra, Rt, Rp, Rv, Rq, Rsk, Rku, Rz, RSm, Rc, RTp, RHTp, RDq, RLq, RzJIS, PC, HSC, RLo, R3z, Rtm, Ry, and their equivalent on raw or waviness profiles.
  • German parameters (DIN 4776 / ISO 13565): Rk, Rpk, Rvk, MR1, MR2, A1, A2, Rpk*, Rvk*
  • French parameters (CNOMO E05.015 / ISO 12085): R, AR, Rx, Pt, Kr, W, AR, Wx, Wte, Kw, Rke, Rpke, Rvke, Trc, HTrc.

Abbott-Firestone Curve

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News and Events

Solarius Development announces introduction of linear motor stages standard on the SolarScan
- June, 2014
Solarius Development announces introduction of a new optical profiler
- October, 2013 SolarSurf Confocal Measuring Microscope
- April, 2014 New SolarMap 7.1 update

Solarius Development