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The Viking-C and Viking-T are portable, compact, and robust tabletop solutions for fast QC and off-line 3D measurements.  

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SolarScan AOP

The SolarScan non-contact surface profilometer is a highly accurate and fast 3D laser measurement tool. 

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SolarScan AOP


The SolarSurf optical 3D confocal microscope is combined with a CCD camera to provide user-friendly 3D measurement solutions.

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The SolarView measurement system is a combination of vision and laser technology to perform 3D and 2D surface measurements.

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Automated Solutions

Our affordable automated solutions are customer specific and developed based on application and process requirements.

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Products » SolarMap Form

SolarMap Form for flatness and form analysis

SolarMap Form offers a variety of functions for the analysis of form and flatness:

  • Management of non-rectangular surfaces. For example, a root-mean square roughness (Sq) can be calculated on one side of a disc.
  • The form of the sample can be removed in order to study the roughness or follow the form error from the given geometrical form.The software can find the circle, cylinder or sphere that best fits the sample. For more complex forms, a polynom can be searched, up to degree 12, in X and Y. During this process, certain areas can be excluded from the calculation.
  • A sample being worn down by a mechanical process can be studied by subtracting the worn surface from the original one. The sample is measured before and after the process.
  • A data set of measured points made of triplets (x, y, z), generated by a CAD system or a Coordinate Measurement Machine, can be loaded into SolarMap Form. The software then calculates the missing points by interpolation.
  • A sample can be levelled in order to make an area horizontal. The Least-Square plane is calculated only on the selected area, but the levelling is applied to the whole surface.
  • A 3D topography can be studied by extracting a cross section in any direction, even following a complex path (for example, following the bottom of a valley).
  • Calculation of the volume of holes, bumps.

Step height and angle measurement on 
a microchip part
Flatness measurement on
a pump part
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News and Events

Solarius Development announces introduction of linear motor stages standard on the SolarScan
- June, 2014
Solarius Development announces introduction of a new optical profiler
- October, 2013 SolarSurf Confocal Measuring Microscope
- April, 2014 New SolarMap 7.1 update

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