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The Viking-C and Viking-T are portable, compact, and robust tabletop solutions for fast QC and off-line 3D measurements.  

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SolarScan AOP

The SolarScan non-contact surface profilometer is a highly accurate and fast 3D laser measurement tool. 

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SolarScan AOP


The SolarSurf optical 3D confocal microscope is combined with a CCD camera to provide user-friendly 3D measurement solutions.

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The SolarView measurement system is a combination of vision and laser technology to perform 3D and 2D surface measurements.

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Automated Solutions

Our affordable automated solutions are customer specific and developed based on application and process requirements.

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Technology » Laser Confocal Sensor

The principle


The confocal point sensor uses a point light source and detector pinhole to discriminate depth. The laser beam emitted from the point light source is focused on a specimen through an objective lens that moves rapidly up and down. The maximum light intensity occurs when the specimen lies within the focal plane of the objective. As the objective moves closer to or farther from the specimen, however, the reflected light reaching the pinhole is defocused and does not pass through it. As a result, the quantity of light received by a detector behind the pinhole decreases rapidly. A detection signal is only generated when the maximum of light goes through the pinhole. A precise height measurement of the illuminated point is achieved by continuously scanning along the z-axis.

Laser Triangulation Sensor

The advantages


The confocal measurement principle ensures high reliability even on steep edges and robustness against optical artifacts. This enables the LT9011m sensor to measure complex surface structures as well as structures with high aspect ratio as they occur in MEMS.

The SolarScan LT9011m can be used for various measuring tasks from fast and precise measurement of large surfaces to only single profiles. The AutoScan allows for automation of those measuring tasks.




 Measurement Range

± 300 [µm]

 Integrated off-axis camera

 Vertical Resolution

0.3 [µm]

 Field of View  1.3 x 1.05mm

 Spot Size

2 [µm]

 Wavelength 870 nm


6 mm


 Measurement Frequency

1400 Hz



670 nm


 Laser Class II



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News and Events

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- June, 2014
Solarius Development announces introduction of a new optical profiler
- October, 2013 SolarSurf Confocal Measuring Microscope
- April, 2014 New SolarMap 7.1 update

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